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10 Things that makes Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) happy

I love coffee and tea. Any time you ask me for coffee, my answer will be yes! Coffee and tea are my vice. Recently, I have researched a lot about Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and found out I am an HSP. Getting overwhelmed in just another expression for me and believe it or not many people like me are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine, 

Oh no! Not to worry :) 

My Previous Blog post https://www.wix.com/dashboard/4050a566-a3c8-41df-8908-54d3af71eb2e/blog/5f5eeb7d0044bf001827b646/edit ) where I have discussed Being an HSP and now it is my responsibility to bring out another blog post about '10 Things that makes HSP happy '

  1. A Quiet Place: Be it their bedroom or a holiday place. Reading a book or listening to music and retreating themselves make them happy as a child.

  2. Be in Touch with their INNER-SELF: Reflecting upon self, journalism helps them to connect with their inner-self, which turn helped in understanding themselves. 

  3. GO with the GREEN: We are inherently connected with nature. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life and work pressure we forget our connection with the nature, studies have shown being in touch with nature/ greeneries. A walk etc. can make you calm down and more focus on present.                      

4. Appreciation and Compliments: Who does not love compliments but an HSP esp. loves appreciation and it makes them more motivating, and they put more efforts in the given task. 

5. They need a proper channel to balance out theirtive to the effects of alcohol and caffeine (not all of them) I think it is best to avoid them. T

6. They need a proper channel to balance out their creative side be it writing (like me 😊), singing, reading, painting etc. They have this strong urge to create something with their poignant observation s and awareness of their surroundings. 

7. Relationships: HSP being a seeker personality looks for meaning in every relationship they have. They tend to avoid platonic or superficial relationships. 

8. Communication: Whether a person is an HSP person or not, a healthy way to manage the conflict is important. Sensitive people tend to feel extra anxious whenever there is a conflict and sometimes, they get overwhelmed and internal battle starts which causes clouding of thoughts. So, it is very important to sort out the conflicts and facing the issues which hurt them. 

9. Slow and steady wins the race: Perfect motto for the HSP. They should try to understand the pace in which they can work best this way pressure and deadlines can be managed easily. 

10.Purpose: They need a purpose, a strong one with which can motivate themselves and connect to the world.

If this blog post has made even a single HSP happy or smile,my work is done here. 

feel free to post your comments!

Stay tuned to my next blog post...

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