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Emotional Quotient or Intelligent quotient

Emotional Quotient (E.Q.) related with the level of emotional intelligence (E.I.). .

Emotional Intelligence is synonymous with the emotional leadership.

You  will be surprised it is not your I.Q. which is more important for your mental well being  rather it is you E.Q. This term became a popular word when Daniel Golman  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Goleman ) wrote the book on ‘Emotional Quotient-why it matters more than IQ’. I have heard many people bragging about their I.Q. but when they get work deadlines or any sort of pressure/crisis in the life, they easily crack under pressure. These days stress is a major reason when it comes to mental health. Some experts are of opinion that these days stress level of an average person is similar to the stress level of schizophrenic patient in early 20th century. Still, no one talks about how to handle stress? How to be more resilient? How can we excel in handling stress and work in a healthy way? How can we be in control of our emotions and not emotions controlling us and drive us crazy?

According to some experts in Psychology higher Emotional Intelligence is positively correlated with:

  1. Self-compassion: A person who has a better understanding of himself is more likely to make a conscious decision considering both the emotions and practicality of a situation.

  2. Empathy: Who can acknowledge how the person feels, showing gratitude and support. It is a skill set which only few have.

  3. Relationships: In any relationship, a person with more emotional intelligence will be able to decipher and understand better about other person and thereby contributing more to a relationship.

  4. Resilience: be it an adult or a child who is better in receiving criticism, not afraid to get up once more after facing a failure, showing more perseverance is obviously going to go very far in life.

  5. Psychological well-being: Better emotional intelligence is directly proportional with good self-esteem, satisfaction in life.

How you define Emotional Intelligence:  E.I. can be explained in simple terms as how much an individual is capable of recognize their own emotions and others, can differentiate between different feelings and label them appropriately, use that information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to environments or carry out one's goals. So, my question is for you and for your children:

''Are you only concerned about your grades or also the emotions and the factors that guide them. If you think about it in great detail, then no one can stop you from achieving greatness you have in you!''

I keep my blog posts short and sweet to read, so in upcoming blog post I will be writing about how to become a highly emotional intelligent person. Stay tuned for my next blog post 😊

Be Happy Anyway :) 

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