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Familiarity or Mystery ? in a Relationship

Yesterday I read an article about relationships. Then One question popped in my head and I guess many of you might be asking yourselves ‘Is familiarity or mystery which make a relationship last’?

Marriage is what our society considers an ideal living fantasy where two people want to live with each other and produce progeny with the maximum survival rates. Well, it is practical too as our ancestors way back centuries did everything from hunting, living in caves, etc. just to make sure they survive and reproduce. This crude thought is now changed to a more sophisticated one but the purpose behind it remains the same. Most of us are getting married and then reproducing and doing jobs, building homes and eating good food, etc. just to make sure our survival and thereby the survival of our progeny. 

But that’s not it! As science has made our life so better and easy that we have so much time in our hands to think and contemplate what is the purpose of our existence besides survival. It is true humans are evolving at a much faster rate than any other species. Some look it as a time where with informed decisions we make can pave a path for our coming generations.

Coming back to the first question of my article. Familiarity or mystery in the relationship? I can tell about myself that though I love familiarity anywhere not just in relationships like I would love to see my place of work at the same place every day rather than someone telling me to guess every day where it could be or to choose the different bank every time I do the transaction, or maybe I don’t know what bank is offering me ..or my identity changes every time and or maybe after some time. That would create havoc in my life rather I won't be able to know what to do next if all variables change and my family, friends would consider me a monkey who cannot keep a constant variable in her life. My friends and family would be different too like other variables in my life. I would feel alienated. 

I read somewhere, humans are constantly evolving. And change is good for any species to survive. I agree with this too! So, what is good? familiarity or mystery? I guess like nature, humans who are surviving today are the ones who are flexible enough to allow change in their life and around them along with the familiarity they have. It is what I call a change which has both the element of familiarity and mystery in it.

Before you ask yourself what next ...rather ask ‘what the next change could be!!’

I will post more why I added the element of relationship in this article without going further about it.

If you have any questions please provide your input :)

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