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Highly sensitive people( HSP)

The reason I am writing about is I am a highly sensitive person. Till now I used to think it is not normal to be one. Then I researched about it and below are my thoughts. I am sure after reading this post, you will be as thrilled as me.

Highly sensitive person perceives world different than others.

HSP is an innate personality trait. Recent studies have shown that 15%-25% of people belong to HSP category. Means it is completely normal to be the one. Contrary to popular belief highly sensitive people are not shy (being shy is a learned behavior) rather the majority of them are extroverts. They tend to be more aware of the environment and therefore process information deeply in the cortex. Which means they tend to be more artistic and  creative. Their spectrum of emotions range from being happy to getting overwhelmed. It is like a sky full of stars can make them cry with happiness, or they can write a poem or sing a song about it. They get overwhelmed easily and therefore are more prone to stress. Their sensitivity processing center in cerebral cortex makes them more empathetic to other people and their situations.

Below is the list of traits which characterizes a highly sensitive person :

1) They tend to be more perceptive: Even as a child you were more empathetic and wiser beyond your years. As an adult you are compassionate, insightful to others even for strangers with whom you seem to have some sort of emotional connection.

2) They easily get overwhelmed: you might feel strong amount of sadness or being really happy. It is because your mind grasps more information than usual, and they it get overstimulated.

3) They deliberately avoid seeing or hearing any sort of violence or any sort of intense emotional music or movie or situations.

4) They get emotionally exhausted from absorbing other person’s stress or feelings.

5) They tend to be more creative, enjoy fine arts, music or scents.

6) They often withdraw after getting repeatedly overstimulated especially during pressure times or near deadlines.

7) They easily crack under pressure, loud noises or too much light.

8) Either as a child or an adult, people around you always label you as ‘being sensitive or a shy person’.

9) They are very hard on themselves by being critical of themselves or overly judgmental which makes them withdraw from others.

10) Due to being overly critical on themselves, they easily get offended but always conscientious are cautious about not hurting others feeling.

11) Most of them are a good reader and listener.

12) They are a good seeker and founds themselves thinking about the mysteries of universe and human nature and how to explore it.

I will write more about HSP and what keeps them happy.

Stay tuned for my next post :) 

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