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Managing Stress and Anxiety in Time of Corona: Is Mental Health as important as Physical Health?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Let’s face it corona crisis is stressful, and lockdown has made it more difficult. Amid all uncertainties, we are supposed to act normally and look after for ourselves and our families. Corona has disrupted our old normal life and now it has defined us the ‘new normal’. Now we all can agree on that corona is here to stay, so we cannot ignore this, and we should adjust our lives around the corona. Survival of the fittest is not a joke!

Worry not!

What causes stress and factors which trigger stress can help us knowing how to handle it in a healthy way.

In psychology, stress is defined as a feeling of emotional strain and pressure.

Knowing the stress can help us in taking certain measures which can help in managing it and taking prophylactic measures to decrease stress in the future.

Know the signs and symptoms of stress:

· Excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs

· Avoidance of hobbies

· Difficulty concentrating and focusing

· Excessive crying and mood fluctuations

· Excessive rationalization and overthinking

· Rapid heart rate, sweating and restlessness

· Irritability and eating disorders

· Change in bowel habits and digestion problems

· Malaise or fatigues

Management of stress:

1. Resilience: I consider this as one of the major factors which differentiate between stressful who bounces back and one who does not know how to handle the stress. Self-awareness, support groups build resilience.

2. Exercise: Endorphins released during the exercise in any form helps in improving the mood, building immunity and helping overall distressing and helps in coping mechanism.

3. Support groups

4. Coping mechanism: healthy coping mechanisms like laughing, sharing , journaling builds a healthy coping mechanism.

5. Self awareness

6. Meditation/ yoga

7. Time management: To manage your time and tasks effectively you need to prioritize the task and make a to -do list. However, can one to-do list caters to everyone? I believe flexibility is important while assigning tasks I have made a to -do list, which prioritizes the tasks as per the specific individual. You can download the free word file here by clicking on this link: ( https://www.yadavruchi.com/post/why-having-a-to-do-list-is-essential )

8. Assertive training: learning how to communication in a healthy way. I will be writing about It in my coming blogs.

9. Eating balanced meals and avoiding junk food.

10. Asking for professional help

Taking time out for yourself and pampering yourself helps in alleviating the thoughts.

Getting in touch with the friends and loved ones via online social circle is a great way to lift your spirits up. Lockdown or pandemic have made us realized the purpose of our life.

Now we know that mental health is directly related to the physical health. We can easily sort out what measures are to be taken and prioritized.

One way to deal with stress is to know the facts and be aware! Also, Misinformation or little knowledge can create false facts so, understand the situation and take your time to process it.

One way to empower yourself is to learn how to take care of yourself and others.

If you are experiencing continuous anxiety which hampers your daily life activities, please ask for some professional help.

In my coming posts I will be writing more about the mental health.

Be happy anyway :)

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