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Netflix – Something to learn from

Many are joking that if the lock down and pandemic continue Netflix might run out of shows. Haha.

During global pandemic time, the use of technology has increased a lot and it tells us that ‘work from home has made us feel that "technology is both a blessing and a curse".

But as per the sources, Netflix has promised it won’t run out of its shows during a global health crisis. During these difficult times, Netflix has provided its users a great experience by giving them many great shows, movie premiers for example: “Extraction” movie showing actor Chris Hems worth which was released worldwide in April 2020 but it did not stop there. It has brought the world closer to one topic and still allows them to choose from many. You know your quarantine is bringing more profits to Netflix than ever before. It is one of the industries that has seen a boost in sales during the world health crisis. Netflix has capitalized on social isolation; it tells us to manage during the difficult times and the importance of being persistent in own actions. Netflix has been given essential services’ status during corona. It has gained the biggest number of gains in subscribes during these three-four months than it could in its almost 13 years of service. Currently, global health and economy both are in crisis, but Netflix has made more than you can imagine, and being a fan of Netflix I am proud of its subscription. It has given me the chance to be a sane person where social interaction is minimal when work from home becomes a major trend and bringing families together where all can sit back and do Netflix and chill every day.

It also has parental control features. It is important when children cannot go outside and play with their friends rather after zoom online classes they also want to watch the television and given the increased amount of screen time for the children, it is indeed a difficult for the parents to get hold of them. So, Netflix has given the parental control feature which I think is amazing.

Even though Netflix has other competitors It is one move ahead of them. It gives a very beautiful, simple yet elegant screen to choose from. You can also make your watch list of shows etc. Not just movies it has given the various genres for the users to choose from, honestly, it's fabulous, the eye-opener documentaries are my favorite.  As per the viewers, it also has a choice of language for many shows. It also has shows for 90’s kids when only one or two channels were there and had no cable back then. One can watch a movie as per the availability of the viewer just like cinema halls as per your timings and at a much cheaper price.

As per the latest news, Netflix is arranging a corona virus fund. More reasons to be proud of its subscription.

This blog is purely based on my opinions and research.

I have written it because I think "we can learn more by sharing".

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