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This Pandemic Empower Yourself

We are often told to become independent. Empower means to increase the power, degree of autonomy to the person or an organization. This pandemic has tested our patience, our limits and what not.

So, Why is this so important that people are writing books about it? there are talks shows about it…also you can judge a community by how much it helps in empowering its people.

Let us have a look in simplified way.










Exercise: Exercise involves aerobics, outdoor workout etc. which involves a physical workout. To simplify, I have kept yoga under this category. As a matter of fact, your workout plans could be 5 days a week or daily with moderate to intense physical activity. It could be stretched to any 1-2 hours (just an estimate) depending upon your strength and stamina. On the other hand, Yoga involves stretching of body involving various poses, also called as pranayama. On a funnier note, you can learn a lot about performing yoga if you have ever watched a toddler playing like I did post pregnancy. I will write more about yoga in another blog post. Be it exercise or yoga, causes endorphins release, which is a mood affecting hormone, makes you feel good and contributes in general wellbeing. It is the main reason we feel happy and good after exercise.

Eat: Eating well is based on a balanced diet in which eating at least 5 portions of fruits, vegetables, high fiber diets like oats, including more proteins, antioxidants in your diet can work wonders in your life.

Engagement means you are doing something to engage yourself for relaxation or pleasure. It is what brings the creative side of you, it is like what is painting for a painter. Carving out time to enjoy things to keep you in good shape. Engagement with a hobby brings the joy.

If you don’t have a hobby or anything to engage then explore your interests and passion, try something new. Cultivate the habit of doing this on daily basis. Hobbies allow you to express your emotions in a good way and gives you a sense of mastery.

Caution: Engagement with work or anything which brings you stress is not a hobby.


Realizing the choice, we have in spending and investing the money is one way to handle your finances. Money could be a powerful tool. I believe Money can contribute to success. For some people money is a difficult topic to discuss about like another taboo.

On a recent outing with my girlfriends, we were having our usual discussion about life, work, politics and money. When the topic of money came, suddenly all tensed up. One of my friends tried to break the ice by changing the topic. I found it strange that people are ready to talk about their personal life, breakups, affairs but reluctant to discuss about finances. I also noted no matter how proud we feel calling ourselves millennial, but we are still lagging in some areas. Money is still a taboo.

To remove negativity from your mind about money and realizing ‘sky is the only limit’.

So, the big question is how to understand money and not run away from it! Sounds intimidating? Well, I guess more worrisome question would be if you are not able to control your own finances. So, first step is to understand the problem. Make a list where you have mentioned your income from all sources and your expenses. Then cut down those expenses which can be postponed, then write how and where you can invest. Investment is a big step so do your own research and write how much you can save and invest thereby saving your taxes!

If you are going to take care of your money, your money will certainly take care of you!


Every wants a happy, good, worry free life. Have you ever heard someone saying, ‘happiness requires struggle’ and you believed that person? And look here you are struggling so yes, he was right. But If I tell you, back then you had a choice to prove him wrong? I mean if thoughts have effects on us and they why should not we use it to think good things. Things which will help you, which can give you a good feeling and not mentally burdening you. Mentally visualizing about things, you want and then bring out in action. Don’t you think if you can self-affirm and say mostly good things which empower you, lifts you up will certainly help you going ahead in life.


Pandemic has told us many things. One of them is that you need an outing. Isolation can lead to depression. Taking time out for yourself to help rejuvenate your soul is an essential. Here, I don’t mean everyone should go to spa, or solo vacation abroad. Rather, rejuvenation can as simple as going for a walk, jogging by yourself, doing gardening, solo camping in starry night. Anything which helps us to connect with nature. This is important as it provides your mind to evaluate things which are important than a rat race and busy urban life.


To be financially independent you need to do work. Still, many burn out while working. Burn out is very common at it can lead to very unhealthy lifestyle which is exactly opposite of empowering yourself. Empowering yourself at work is to motivate to think, behave and managing your work in certain way which will help you and thereby increases your efficiency at work.

-what exactly is your motto behind choosing this work

-Knowing what is expected of you at your workplace

-knowing what your resources are and how can you use them

-Prioritizing: This alone can help you rise if you do it mindfully

-Feedback: This will help you know where you can improve

These are few important questions which will make you aware about your work and working style.

E: Earthing

We live in an environment where we are continuously exposed to the timelines, continuous stress. Earthing is way of connecting with earth. Few examples are the act of walking barefoot, in green or going on a walk on a beach, going for trekking etc. helps you to connect with mother earth. It has many physical and mental health benefits. Boosts your immune system and general well-being.

R: Resources, Regard for yourself

In my opinion the most important resource is ‘you’ as a human being. You here I am referring to the reader. Before I go further into this topic, I want you to ask yourself few questions. Do you have consideration for yourself and your work? Do you respect your work? Do you take out time for yourself? This is how you can roughly determine your self-esteem. You are the most important asset for yourself to depend on. In the morning first step should be thank yourself and grateful to everything you have done so far. It is a known fact that more you are grateful for; more you will get It in your life. This law is simple as your mind will pick things in more positive way and won’t see things as only half glass full.

The saying ‘You will hardly find people who will recognize your importance until you proclaim to be important’ is based on the above principles.

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