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Unlock your mental health during Lock down

Mental health during lock down

You must have talked like this to your friends ‘I miss my walks, I miss talking to people in person, Strange times!! AHH Grr ’

Here, I have bought to you simple yet effective and practical tips to keep your brain muscles in shape and your serotonin hormones up to keep you happy and sound 😊

I believe being Aware is the first step while solving any problem.

So, what are the factors affecting the mental health: ·

Age- Teenagers, elderly people are particularly at risk given the fact these either have peer pressure or almost zero social life but honestly, mental health is important to all of us irrespective of age. ·

Social life: what kind of people you interact. You must have heard about the dictum ‘you are average of five people you interact on daily basis and who are close to you’ so choose your company wisely. To be honest I believe in keeping a smaller number of people around me rather than having bad company. ·

Physical health: co-morbidity like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis etc. chronic illnesses put your physical health at risk and thereby you are risk your mental health too.

Peer pressure: It is not just limited to school or college; these days' telecommunication plays an important role in to date while also keeping social life up to date while also maintaining social distancing.

Relationships while social distancing are important: At home, when you spend 24 hours that too for months, fights are bound to happen. But it takes a toll on your mental health, it is important to realize relationships with others are as important as a relationship with yourself. Practicing mindfulness, giving space to each other and still be in contact with each other is the key to every relationship. 

Financial stress: During lock down many have lost their jobs and some are getting very less pay as compared to the work they got. This global financial crisis has told us the importance of savings and also keeping other side jobs as a source of other income rather than just relying on single source of income. While stock market have crashed many has lost their savings and now looking for other sources of long term investment.

Moral support: It means providing physiological support rather than physical. Friends, family , spouse, mentor are few examples who plays a key role in this regard.

Routine disruption: Before lock down we all had professional outings, we could go to nearest hill station during weekends and what not. Lock down curtaining has changed our routine. It makes us uncomfortable. Humans feel more safe in doing the same stuff everyday same way, a little change can make us uncomfortable. Rather than fighting the change , we should accept it and move forward by being more flexible in our routine. Flexibility tells us in achieving a greater good on daily basis.

Emotional quotient: It is defined as level of an individual’s emotional intelligence. In schools, colleges we are being taught about the stuff about world. But no one stresses upon the E.Q. There are few parameters through which we measure or study E.Q.

These are: empathy, self regulation, motivation, self awareness, social skill. Each of the above points are important in developing and improving one’s E.Q. The person with high E.Q. is equipped with dealing a crisis better than a person low E.Q.

So now as we know  the factors we can analyse them for ourselves individually and making our lives better, every moment and each day a life to love ourselves more and more. 

Remember :

To be HAPPY anyway!! 

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