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Why Having a TO-DO List is Essential

TO-DO list prioritizes the task you want to accomplish in a day.

Yes! we all know that but, have you actually realized this practically? What I mean to say here is have you accomplished your day's task with out losing your mind? If yes, then you are amazing!!

Trust me..during this pandemic crisis doing work from home is the only option to get your job done but is not this mind boggling? or chaotic? also have you ever thought what a wife/home maker would be going through? Now she has to take care of an extra adult person (husband) who's doing the work from home, she wants to be a super woman! This made me realize how important it is to prioritize your task.

Types of TO-DO list:

  1. Putting the most significant task at the top and likewise least important task at the end. It helps you in prioritizing the task accordingly.

  2. Where starting from the morning breakfast till dinner, when you would be sleeping is being noted down. It takes the help of clock to decide how much time you will be giving to particular task, for example the if preparing a breakfast take the maximum time and doing yoga taken minimum time then you can accordingly divide the hours and allot a particular time to each task you want to accomplish.

Make sure you have written all the things you want to complete in that allotted time.

I have made a TO-DO list that I follow diligently to complete my daily tasks. Using TO-DO list might sound cliché but I when I started using it to manage both my blog and simultaneously helping my toddler with her activities, my efficiency increased to 10%, now rather than getting frustrated or setting impractical targets for myself, I am able to complete my assigned tasks and also my happiness level has increased at it shows when I play with toddler. I am not asking you to use my TO-DO list, it can be any one which ever suits your lifestyle.

I have written this blog post as I am many friends who are working from home along with taking care of a child or two. We always used to discuss how impossible it looks to complete all tasks in each day. We tried making to-do list but somehow it failed after a day or two. Then we thought of creating a to-do list which will be different for each one of us, catering to our individual needs and tasks. We kept the list simple, breakdown the individual tasks into smaller simpler tasks, At the end of the week, 90% of our tasks were completed in given time also we had better satisfaction level and thereby mental state. I have also been asked whether I have tried any app, my answer would be yes but, I never felt comfortable using it. I am a tech savvy woman, but my preference would always be the one which is simple and flexible to my needs.

Below is the word document containing TO-DO LIST:

MY to
Download DOCX • 956KB

It is in word file so that anyone can edit it and use it. You can easily save it in your desktop or mobile.

I am open to suggestion for making TO-DO list. Please free to drop your suggestion in the comment section.

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