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Why not everyone does skydiving?

Life is very simple. In the morning, we have breakfast, then do usual chores and then suddenly we get a call and forgets the task we were doing, and we get busy in chit and chat and then an invitee to a party, we get all dressed up and eat and drink all we can, to make sure we enjoy the moment as much as we can defining YOLO. Next day hangover, guilt for eating extra calories, a day off from work and how can you forget pending chores. Then you want to go back to previous day and want to undo all of this. Now you have made your life complex!

When we are single, we have a desperate desire to get married and when we are married, we long for single hood. Did you see the pattern? So many conflicting needs and desires to fulfill leaves us unsatisfied. How to achieve a satisfied life?

We have a range in our life under which we perform and strive for stability. But when stability stays in our life for too long then our mind seeks a kick-start or adrenaline rush.

We need to understand the basic concept of our psychology.

Kick: it derives us to the place for which sometimes we forget the rationalization of our life. When get bored, we want change and look for a kick.

Kick can be good or bad depending upon how much you can bear the change. In simple terms while watching television you see a guy skydiving and how thrilled he is while diving in the air up high. Now while sitting on your couch, you look around and feel what it will be for you to feel adrenaline rush. Obviously it is not a normal routine to skydive so you feel a bit tensed and also a bit high. But will you skydive? Depends on…you will calculate the risk involved, the percentage of falling and breaking of your bones, or even death.

Now one thing is sure, with so many risks involved you won’t skydive. But How come the person in television thought of doing it. The basic psychology behind skydiving is more than the calculated risks. It is when you peek beyond that fear. For that television guy, it is about freedom, empowering yourself, giving yourself a chance to live again. It is like a therapy to them to escape from their fears and limitations and achieve what looks unsurmountable. It requires a lot of discipline mentally and physically and not to forget the training. Life is like this! It is sort of training where we are given choices and based on our limitations and risks involved, we choose the set of circumstances. Though, not every time we are allowed to choose, but whenever we can choose, we must choose. It requires lot of mental and physical discipline. Also being mindful. If that sounds complicated like an on-off switch than its totally understandable, take a step back and think again. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “All life is an experiment. Be intelligent with your risks’’. It is ok to fail. Remind yourself that your mind knows when it is very risk and when there is no risk. Similarly, before making any choice think ‘what are the risks involved’? Are they worth struggling for? Contemplate every situation. Read and read, know more about it and train yourself for it. if suppose, you fail and then get up, it is like another skydiving lesson.

One more thing I know most of you must be thinking we don’t want to do skydiving then why the lesson? It is not about skydiving rather it is about the feeling you got when you were experiencing the skydiving in your mind. It is the feeling we remember. If you can win that in your heart than you can win in real life too.

Go take that chance!

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