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Work from Home: How to Make it Fun and Maximize your Productivity

I can have my coffee right on time, as many breaks as I want or none, If I am really engrossed in my work. Right from having a quality time with your family to maximize your productivity, for me work from home is amazing. I am a morning person and I try to completed my work as soon as possible, taking no work to bed.

Why it is trending: Before 2020 WFH was not an option for many professionals as only freelancers or for who got a specific approval from his/her boss could get the option. But now due to pandemic /corona/COVID-19, many companies are providing an alternative solution to get their work done from home. According to survey done by corporate companies work from home is beneficial for both company and its employees.

Let us look at the pros and cons of WFH#


  • It has allowed you to get your work done even in worst of external circumstances means you still have your job

  • You can get it done even in sweatpants or shorts or like In my case with a baby sleeping in your lap

  • You can have as much coffee /tea breaks

  • You can boast about your work to your family

  • You have a schedule

  • Less distractions

  • Work related meetings does not take much time

  • You can exercise whenever you want.

  • Telecommunication was never this fun e.g. zoom calls. I attend my meetings in pajamas.

Try to work when you are most productive.


  • Even though you are now living with family all the time, but you are always on constant check on emails and work, etc.

  • You can get an urgent call regarding your work even at midnight and you cannot say ‘I’m involved in something else as’ laptop is always in the next room.

  • If you don’t exercise, then tiredness, back pain and puffy eyes will be your constant companion.

  • You can feel a bit out of touch with your colleagues.

  • Coffee /tea break does not involve chit chat with friends.

How to balance personal and professional life

  • Maintain a schedule: In one of my blog post I have explained the importance of having a proper to-do list and also a free download to-do list. (link)

  • Keeping a separate dedicated place for work and its essentials.

Though I consider it as most important, ask for help if you need one, doing multitasking can take a toll on your health and efficiency.

  • Do proper exercise and keep aside a few minutes for yourself

  • While having coffee break try to take a few strolls.

  • Be flexible in whatever you do to accommodate any extra last minute thing in your schedule.

  • Lastly, be easy on yourself. Admit it, this pandemic has taken a extra toll on our mental and physical health.

Why being a Working Mother now is an advantage

  • Your coffee breaks were never this fun

  • More time for yourself and your family

  • No distractions

  • More productivity

In my case when I have toddler jumping around me all the time and looking for the attention in a loving way, makes me to do my work on time or before time. Also, I have hired a babysitter to help with the baby especially during meetings with no distractions.

I want to ask those people who constantly throw criticism (may be because of jealousy or incompetency) on working mothers. I guess, now when most women are working from home and balancing it beautifully, those unhealthy critics might be just hiding in corners thinking what to do next, lol.

Caution: Stay away from social media as it can hamper your productivity. I will write more about it in another upcoming blog post.

What are WFH trends:

  • Understanding the telecommunications and making a job out of it :)

  • Human -machine interaction

  • Exploring how important is health and family

  • Building workforce

  • Mentoring each other

v Essentials:

  • A separate place for the work you want to do is the most important one.

  • A Schedule/ To-do list (link)

  • Most important you!

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